Wikipedia is a free encyclopaedia on the Internet. So, I have decided to create something similar to get useful and interesting free information. I hope you can find any actual and informative topics on my Mini Wiki and have a lot of fun to be in here. Enjoy your reading!

My Wiki

Welcome to my small wiki room!
I have decided to create this site on DokuWiki in order to get more experience with this simple but very handy CMS for my every-day purposes. On this small wiki I'm going to post various useful terms and references which I'm interested in. I hope, I'll managed to do that and probably some other visitors of this site will be happy to read My wiki and get details on what they would like to know. For any other links of my site and topics I'd like to start learning, see this reference.
I wish a happy day for everyone and good luck in your your lives. ;-)

Life is good!

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